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The difference between knowing and understanding.

What’s something most people don’t understand? There is an important difference between knowing and understanding. Knowing requires learning, but understanding requires doing. You can learn to play Eric Clapton’s songs, but you cannot learn how to play like Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton more than knows how to play the guitar; he understands it. He has…

‘Seize the Day’ is Dead, because Tomorrow is, Too, Morrow

I first heard the phrase carpe diem in middle school, and then I heard it throughout high school, college, and among my friends and partners. It’s from an ancient poem, written by Horace. Like many people, I anchored myself to this philosophy, believing that it was the axiomatic wisdom for making the most of life—all…

The Gift

I’ve always been a writer. Some of my earliest memories are of writing, as evinced by my graffiti on my own toys and on objects around my childhood home—just as much as the page long epics I wrote around the 1st and 2nd grade. I am one of those fools who has been sitting on…


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