Things don’t exist because they happen; things exist because they are written.

And so the world can use another writer, and a writer can use another world.

Three Things to Know

  • writing since in 1990/91
  • reading since 1988/89
  • living in San Antonio, Texas since 1985/86


interests include cooking, drawing, gardening, cycling, jogging, music, music theory, meditation, physics, neurobiology, neuropsychology, psychology, neurobiology of disease, virology, anatomy and physiology, economics, organizational theory, communication theory, metatheories, ontology, history, math, criminal justice, epistemology, and so on


When I look at skylines, I see sine waves. When I smell food, I taste music. When I touch objects, I feel energy. When I listen to birds, I hear code.

My prized possession is an unabridged dictionary.

Sloths are my spirit animal.