Leaving Work at the Office

the horologist arrives late to the party

the carpenter opens his squeaky door
"nice of you to show your face"
"we're already hammered"

the psychiatrist is lying on the couch
telling the ontologist
"that's how it all ended"

the oncologist lights up a cigarette
"no smoking"
says the pit master

the mechanic
calls a taxi
his car is in the shop

the environmentalist
throws a bottle in the trash

the mime
says "sometimes I feel trapped"
to the furrier

the furrier
bares with the mime
"you need to be comfortable in your own skin"

the police officer
roles up her cuffs
to eat veal
with the vegetarian

the guitarist
taps a beat
the drummer
sings a tune

the astronomer spots an owl
the ornithologist smiles at the moon

the clown speaks of a government scandal
"no politics... and..." says the improv artist
"can you help me with this recipe"

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