to PowerPoint, a poem

note: you should read this on a bigger screen

I. have seen living death
   A. in a space
   B. where information was sliced
   C. served one slide at a time

II. each serving had letters
   A. each letter had numbers
      1. each number had bullets
         • each bullet missed points

III. alchemy animates
   A. transitions
      1. to take interest
      2. and return boring

IV. forever keep this ephemera
   A. its paper copy
   B. illegible boxes and lines
   C. for important notes

a medium of tedium
burn it afire
to a CD
in a pyre

it's my turn
this is how it was done to me
I have the clicker now
And I have non of your attentions 


“pointing” is licensed under CC0 1.0

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